Why studying Level 5 with Strategi Institute is the smart choice


Strategi Institute is the only Category 1 training provider in the financial services sector. It means that, in the words of NZQA, as a Strategi Institute student you can be assured of:

  • Quality of training: Training will ‘provide valuable skills and knowledge’.
  • Quality of teaching: ‘Teaching is very effective. Students receive very good formative feedback, and this makes a strong contribution to student learning and achievement.’
  • Quality of support: ‘Highly effective student support underpins the high achievement rates of the students at Strategi Institute.’
  • Quality of content: Strategi Institute’s ‘clear commitment to improvement’ combined with our ‘strong connection with the financial services sector’ results in quality of content and delivery.

Choose how YOU want to study

When you study with Strategi Institute you can choose from our four training options so choose the one that suits you the best and not the training provider:

  • Online
  • Distance
  • Classroom
  • One-on-one

No matter how you study, to help you complete you have will have access to:

  • Mentors who can help you with course work questions, and
  • Private coaching with our experts if extra help is needed (a fee may apply).

Added value

  • Templates for documents, such as SoAs, if you need them to complete your study.
  • Email newsletters with the latest regulatory guidance to help you keep compliant.
  • Trainers and training material that goes beyond the content of Level 5 to try and make your learning more relevant to your everyday work.
  • Access to Strategi’s compliance resources for advice and guidance on compliance and best practice (a charge may apply depending on requirements).

End-to-end solution

Only Strategi Institute has a holistic approach and the resources to take you from a new entrant to the industry and support you to:

  • Get qualified.
  • Become authorised.
  • Set up your business – from registration to documentation for policies, procedures and controls to licensing.
  • Ensure your business stays compliant with legislation, regulation and the FMA’s expectations.