Radar is Strategi Group's online learning platform, containing a ‘library’ of articles suitable for continuing professional development (CPD), with the ability to hold the user’s professional development plan(s) and training records.

Radar’s comprehensive library includes AML/CFT, compliance, personal development, insurance, investment, lending, asset protection and estate planning, foreign exchange, securities and taxation CPD topics, as well as training for both the Level 5 New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services.

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At a glance

Radar provides flexibility of training delivery. It is not designed to replace conferences, workshops and roadshows. Instead, it can be used to store content from those activities plus can be used to enhance the user experience from face-to-face activities, and to provide a method of assessment if required.

Radar is a platform that can ‘reskin’ to an organisation, and can hold organisation-specific content in addition to the industry-wide content.

Radar is an easy to use, easy to subscribe to, one-stop resource for everything to help users keep up to date with what they need to know and help strengthen their relationship with clients. It can be tailored to include proprietary knowledge and processes, re-skinned for your brand. Your content can only be accessed by your people.

Manage CPD in one place

Radar is the ‘command centre’ for professional development plans (PDP) and CPD training logs.

Radar holds online training and assessment content for CPD and hosts the financial services Level 5 qualification. Training content is presented in a range of formats (e.g. PDF and video), with assessment for CPD via brief multi choice and multi-option tests.

When Radar CPD training is selected as part of the PDP and completed in Radar, the results are automatically populated into the CPD log.

Staff training can be assigned by designated compliance officers, and staff progress monitored.

Reporting for compliance is easy: standard reports are available plus customised reporting can be organised. Strategi Institute can also work with users and organisations to advise on suitable PDPs and how to structure them.

A world class education platform

Radar is built on a secure and proven education platform used by a multitude of large global corporations, government bodies and learning institutions. It meets the security protocols usually demanded by organisations such as banks and insurance companies. The layout is intuitive and a user navigation guide is provided. Additionally, there is an online chat help facility with Strategi Institute available to answer questions and help with setting up professional development plans.

Training content can be delivered as pdf documents, PowerPoint presentations, electronic books, audio files, video and webinars. Multiple chat rooms are available together with audio recordings and an upload/download facility for submitting assignments and undertaking external compliance reviews.

An affordable knowledge base

Pricing for Strategi Institute content is either on a per training unit or per module basis. Discounts are provided for large organisations plus for content you are willing to make available for others to view. A single user would only pay $50 plus GST per annum to access Radar containing their PDP and CPD log plus some free content. They would then purchase bundles of CPD content to suit their needs. For a single user to purchase full access to CPD modules, the fee is only $350 plus GST per annum. For companies with large numbers of users, an additional support fee may apply. Contact us for full pricing information.

Radar is an innovative, centralised knowledge base where a person or organisation could go to receive relevant CPD and online education. It is inexpensive to implement and will provide instant value. To experience Radar for yourself visit Radar, or contact us to find out more about how it can benefit your organisation.

Radar PDP & CPD log 1 year subscription
1st adviser

$50.00 per adviser
Manage your Professional Development Plan and CPD log, with limited access to content. For the first adviser in a single practice and location. Contact us for group pricing options.

Radar Full 1 year subscription
1st adviser

$350.00 per adviser
Provides full online access to all standard articles and CPD modules. Note some online versions of courses may require an additional fee. For the first adviser in a single practice and location. Contact us for group pricing options.