NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5

The New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5), (NZCFS Level 5), is the new benchmark qualification for financial adviser authorisation. All new enrolments for the Level 5 Certificate must enrol in this qualification.

This qualification provides people in the financial services industry with the appropriate operational and specialist knowledge. It is suitable for those both working in the industry and for those who wish to enter. It is a natural progression from the NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 4, but that Certificate is not a pre-requisite. To complete NZCFS Level 5, candidates must complete Core plus one strand of their choice.

Diagram of the structure of NZCFS Level 5
The structure of NZCFS Level 5. Download a PDF

Advisers can start their study with either Core Strand (compulsory for the Certificate), or their elective specialist strand (for example, Investment or Life and Health Insurance). Enrol course by course, or enrol for one of our NZ Certificate Programme options and take advantage of our bundled pricing discounts. 

Banking and Trustee Strands are also available as part of NZCFS Level 5. Please contact us if you are interested in either of these options.

What study modes are available?

NZCFS Level 5 courses are available via online learning, distance learning, classroom learning or one-on-one private coaching. Find out more about these study options.

Which courses do I need for authorisation?

To become authorised (by the FMA) for category 1 products, advisers must complete the Core Strand unit standards plus the Investment Strand and the Financial Advice StrandFor authorisation on category 2 products, you must complete Core Strand, Financial Advice Strand and the specialist strand relating to the category 2 product(s) you wish to provide advice on. For example for mortgage advisers Residential Property Lending Strand and for insurance advisers, Life and Health Insurance Strand. We offer the following AFA programmes:

Some qualifications are recognised as alternatives for the purposes of authorisation, and these are outlined in the Competence Alternatives Schedule, Schedule G in the Code of Professional Conduct for AFAs. Note that all advisers seeking authorisation, irrespective of qualifications or designations, must have attained Unit Standard 26360, as per Code Standard 15.

What courses are available?

Search our NZCFS Level 5 strands, programme bundles and support courses by keyword or topic. More detail and pricing for each course is available on the individual course pages below, or download all our Level 5 course prices.