Mortgage Adviser Practical Workshop

This course is designed for all those who:

  • Have recently completed the Residential Property Lending course and want to perfect their practical skills or
  • Have been in the industry for some time and want to update their understanding of what lenders now expect in a loan application.

What is covered

This workshop will give attendees the chance to interview clients in a simulated environment where they will gather information, create a diary note, fill in an application, find and present the correct documentation including using a lending calculator, and draft a mortgage-specific statement of advice (SOA).

The course will also feature real life mortgage applications (appropriately sanitised) and give candidates the chance to identify what is deficient and why the lender may decline it. Attendees will then identify what needs to be included for the application to have a good chance of succeeding.

Benefits of attending

  • Understand what is required for a mortgage application to be approved without the lender having to ask more questions.
  • Learn how to become more efficient and hence more productive and profitable by avoiding re-work on applications.
  • Discover why putting in a fully compliant and comprehensive application is putting client interests first and is part of demonstrating how you meet conduct obligations.
  • Receive the Strategi mortgage vetting checklist enabling you to fully understand what a lender is looking for when assessing a loan application.
  • Gain valuable tips for handling face to face client interactions. This will give you a greater chance of winning the client’s trust and business.

The workshop can be customised for clients such as head groups, networks and QFES. This is done through modifications such as changing the documentation templates, focusing on specific lenders, and incorporating any client-specific processes and procedures.

Mortgage Adviser Practical Workshop Classroom learning

CPD hours 4.00
Duration 7 Hours
$436.00 per adviser
Contact us for group pricing options. Classroom courses are subject to minimum class number requirements. We will contact you when we receive your enrolment application to discuss the best available date and location.