Mortage lending for new advisers

A number of lenders have decided that new mortgage advisers need to have a minimum level of knowledge, competency and skill. The required level is the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5), Residential Property Lending Strand: Mortgage Specialist Course.

Several adviser networks have followed the lenders and decided that undertaking this training is a necessary part of the journey to professionalism – so it is better to get new entrants to the mortgage advice industry to commence an education pathway from day one. For many new entrants, completion of the residential property lending strand of the level 5 qualification will now become mandatory.

Strategi Institute has partnered with a number of the adviser networks to build a mortgage lending course based on the new level 5 content rather than that of the existing level 5 which is being phased out.

This mortgage lending course ticks all the boxes:

  • Flexibility of course options: There are two options: (1) A fully online course using the new Radar education platform or (2) a combo course incorporating two classroom days of practical discussion and training, with self-study and assessments completed post-course. In both instances, assessment of workplace evidence documents will be used wherever possible to provide relevancy and avoid duplication of effort. Find out more and enrol.
  • Time saver: There is no need to spend a week out of the office. These course options enable you to obtain your training while still generating revenue. The speed of completion is dictated by your degree of focus and application.
  • Relevant content: The new level 5 content of this course is bigger than the content of the current level 5 Residential Property Lending Specialist course, but is more relevant to the industry today. It avoids advisers having to go back at a later date and retrain to the new standard, and successful completion of this course will result in unit standard credits. In addition, this new mortgage adviser course has incorporated additional requirements sought by lenders and networks – including increased understanding of financial statements, advising those who are self-employed/business owners, and lender expectations for good quality loan applications.
  • Fantastic learner support: Strategi Institute has developed multiple ways to support learners. This includes the course facilitator for those who choose the classroom option, plus online; the chat room facility and easy to use nature of the Radar platform; linking into the BDMs of the adviser networks who will have support kits to assist their advisers; additional course reading; and if necessary, live webinars to assist groups who are undertaking the qualification together.

In addition a Lending Code of Conduct for Mortgage Advisers course has also been developed and training on this is available separately. This Code is briefly discussed on the course and pricing is discounted if this course and the Lending Code of Conduct Module are purchased together.

In summary, the Strategi Institute mortgage lending course is innovative, fit for purpose, flexible, cost effective and an absolute time saver. It should be the logical choice for those entering the mortgage advice industry and for existing advisers who want to commence their education pathway towards the new level 5 qualification.