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Mapping the Advice Process

The new regulatory regime provides a fantastic opportunity to redesign advice documents and take a truly client-centric approach to how a future financial advice provider (FAP) delivers advice to clients. Gone are the days of bundling all the advice and supporting information into one massive jargon-laden document that is designed to ‘tick the box’ rather than truly inform the client what he/she should do.

The Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (the new code) requires financial advisers and nominated representatives to take reasonable steps to ensure that the client understands the financial advice. Redesigning your advice process and advice documents so that information and education is provided progressively, and at a level that a client can understand, will benefit the client and also your business.

Strategi has developed this advice process workshop to help future FAPS consider how they can leverage the move to FAP land to re-engineer and improve the way they deliver advice to clients.

What is covered in the workshop:

  • Session 1: Fit for purpose
  • Session 2: What's possible
  • Session 3: Drafting the advice process
  • Session 4: Scoping the SOA
  • Session 5: Summary

For more information on what is included in these sessions download our workshop outline and use the questions to help step you through the redesign process. Alternatively, contact us for further information on this workshop.