Last call for completing the old level 5 qualification

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Your time is almost up for completing the old level 5 National Certificate. The key dates for finishing your study are:

  • 30 September – finish Set B and/or Set C and apply for the Certificate if using for authorisation.
  • 31 October – lodge your application for authorisation (if applicable).
  • 30 November – finish Set B and/or Set C and apply for the Certificate (if not wanting to apply for authorisation).

There are no possible extensions or exemptions. If you do not finish in time, OR if you have not already completed Sets A and D or E, then you have no option other than to complete the new level 5 New Zealand Certificate.

If you intend to complete the old level 5 National Certificate (National Certificate (financial advice) level 5) and still have Set B and or Set C to finish, you only have until the end of this year to complete and to have applied for the award of the Certificate. This means you MUST complete these sets no later than 30 November 2018. This gives time for NZQA processing of credits and Certificates before the holiday period.

If you intend to use the Certificate for authorisation, you have even less time! Your authorisation must be approved before the end of the year. The FMA strongly recommends that applications for first-time authorisation based on the old level 5 National Certificate, be lodged by 1 November 2018 (this is to allow time for processing and factoring in the holiday period). To lodge your application, you will need to have completed your training, had the Certificate awarded, and completed the application process. Strategi suggests you should complete the Certificate training no later than 30 September.

If you are unsure about what you need to do to complete, contact us urgently.