Core Strand by evening class 

In another industry-first, Strategi Institute is now offering its popular Core Strand Classroom course as a series of three evening classes from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

The second evening class will run five weeks after the first, and the third evening class, four weeks after the second. After each class students will complete one assignment. Three evening classes plus three completed assignments make up the course.


The benefits of studying Core Strand through three evening classes include:

  • Breaking down the 40 credit course into manageable chunks;
  • All the benefits of classroom study with some of the after-hours flexibility of online and distance learning; and
  • Helping to keep advisers motivated and on track to complete

Plus no parking and minimal traffic issues!


Your investment is only $2,080 plus GST.

We have worked hard to keep the price increase for the evening classes to only $181 plus GST more than the standard two-day course. The reduced time out of the office, and the way we have structured the course approach to reduce the overall completion time of the unit standards, will quickly pay dividends for all attendees.


Do I need to attend all three evening classes?
Yes, you do. Only by attending all three classes will you cover the entire unit standard content.

There are several people where I work that would like to do this course. Could you run these three evening classes at our workplace and after hours?
Yes, subject to numbers. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Do I need to complete the assignment from one class before attending the next?
No, but we strongly recommend it. Doing so will help to keep you focussed and on track. The two weeks between classes should provide you with sufficient time. Plus during each evening class, some time will be spent on each assignment and so completing within two weeks is very realistic and achievable. It also provides you with the opportunity to query any parts of the assignment you were unsure about.

Do I need to pay for all three evening classes upfront, or can I pay for each class separately?
The course needs to be paid for in one payment as you must complete the entire course to be able to complete the Strand.

Why is the cost of the three evening classes together, greater than the standard cost for the classroom course?
We would love to be able to keep the two prices the same, however, there is significantly greater administrative cost with running three classes instead of one two-day course. The difference in cost reflects that.

Do you offer evening classes outside Auckland?
Not at this stage however we can if demand is sufficient. Contact us to register your interest.

What if I can’t attend one of the classes?
If something comes up at the last minute and you cannot attend a class, let Strategi Institute know as soon as possible and we will work with you to find a solution that helps you to complete the course (normal course completion dates, refund policies etc. will apply).

For more information or to enrol

Refer to the Core Strand course page.