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Choose your pathway for Financial Advice Strand: Advice process

The Financial Advice Strand: Advice process is arguably the most demanding of all of the Strands. 

Assessment is via submission of a portfolio of evidence submitted online that is the subject of a competency interview/discussion between the adviser and an assessor. 

Strategi Institute offers three options for an adviser to complete Financial Advice Strand: Advice process.

Option 1: Pre-assessment master class

This option provides comprehensive training on the unit standard requirements, how to link these requirements to the six step advice process and your everyday work as an adviser, and the assessment process. Plus if needed, it provides you with the necessary templates to meet regulatory requirements.

This class includes:

  • Provision of workbook and templates to meet the regulatory environment;
  • Training in systems and processes to meet the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Gaining experience in the best practice and compliance processes to enable compliance with the regulations and the Code;
  • Preparation for successful completion of assessment, including linking what you do as an adviser to the assessment requirements, and
  • Assessment.

The following is included in the price of the two day course:

  • Venue
  • Equipment
  • Facilitator
  • Workbook and templates
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Mentor
  • Strategi Institute assessor
  • The Skills Organisation fee.

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Option 2: Online/Distance

This path is suggested for experienced advisers who are confident they understand the assessment requirements and can build a portfolio of evidence that meets the requirements of the unit standards.

This option includes:

  • Provision of workbook and templates (if required) to meet the regulatory environment
  • Strategi Institute assessor
  • The Skills Organisation fee.

Option 3: Assessment Only

Only advisers experienced in providing personalised financial advice to retail clients should consider this option as no training, training material or templates are provided. Enrolment in this option is only by agreement with Strategi Institute.

The price of the Assessment Only option is solely for the assessment, including the Skills Organisation fee.

Contact Strategi Institute for more information on the Assessment Only option.

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Bespoke Courses

Strategi Institute offers bespoke courses for the Financial Advice Strand to networks and corporates who wish to make their own venue, equipment and catering arrangements. To qualify for a bespoke price, a corporate or network needs a minimum of 10 candidates for a bespoke course. Contact us for further information.