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Tips for successfully applying for your transitional FAP licence

For many, the process of applying for a transitional FAP licence may be the first direct engagement with the Regulator (FMA) so it is important you put your ‘best foot forward’ and submit a correct application having followed the correct process.

Both the Financial Service Providers Register and the FMA are involved in the transitional licence application process.

We have developed a guidance note that contains all the necessary tips to ensure you do the right things with the right organisations to have a smooth application process. Download a copy now!

However, if you want to work through the process piece by piece, then follow the below points:

  • Review the FMA's transitional licensing guide and fully understand your obligations as a licensed entity.
  • Log in to the FSPR and register your intention to apply for a transitional licence. You should do this at least 24 hours before submitting your application to the FMA. Click here to view how to do this and what you need to supply. You will also need to choose your relevant financial service eg: 
    • For individuals, you’ll select ‘Licensed Provider - Transitional licence’.
    • Entities have the option of selecting the services ‘Licensed Provider - Transitional licence’ and/or ‘Authorised Body- Transitional licence’.
  • Register on RealMe and have your login details and password handy.
  • Apply for the transitional licence via the FMA's website.
  • If you are not sure of your obligations, or of the pros and cons of being a FAP, then contact Strategi for advice.