How to apply for authorisation

NOTE: Holders of the Level 5 National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice) MUST submit their application for authorisation BEFORE 1 November 2018.

You may choose to apply for your authorised financial adviser (AFA) status at the same time as your registration, or apply at a later date. Applications are lodged via the FSPR website.

Before applying to become authorised, you need to:

You will need to decide which service(s) you wish to be authorised to provide. During the online application process you will be asked to select from a dropdown list of financial adviser service (FAS) scopes. Select the option that matches the services you wish to provide, from:

  • Financial advice.

  • Financial advice and investment planning services.

  • Personalised discretionary investment management services.

  • Financial advice and personalised discretionary investment management services.

  • Financial advice, personalised discretionary investment management services and investment planning services.

  • Financial adviser services in relation to category 2 products only.

  • Financial adviser services to wholesale clients and provision of class services.

To complete your authorisation application it is recommended you have the following information:

  • Your Skills Organisation identification number – starting with ‘FSC’ followed by a 6-digit number. You will be asked to provide this number when you are applying for authorisation.

  • Your Adviser Business Statement (ABS). You will be asked to confirm that you have an ABS. At this time, if you have not prepared an ABS, you can answer 'No'. After the online application is submitted to FMA, it will forward you a Supplementary Application Information form. The form asks for a range of information to be submitted prior to the grant of authorisation. One of those things will be your ABS. Strategi can help you construct or review your ABS if you are unsure what is required.

  • Signed testimonials – these testimonials need to be scanned and uploaded as part of authorisation process.

  • Alternative qualifications and designations. Certain existing qualifications and designations have been listed in the Code of Professional Conduct as acceptable alternatives to certain Strands (formerly Standard Sets) that make up the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5. If you hold any of these you will need to scan and upload evidence of them during the authorisation process.

Read the FMA’s AFA authorisation guide to understand the full authorisation requirements, such as proof of good character, testimonials, proof of competence etc, and see our guidance note – Online steps to apply for registration and authorisation.

As at May 2017, the fee for authorisation is $1,149.89 (GST inclusive).