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FAP Toolkit: Are you ready to take the next step?

As the transition period for the new financial advice regime looms closer, many advisers are considering their options – should they become a financial advice provider (FAP), join a FAP, or even leave the industry altogether? Each option has a number of factors to be considered and questions that need to be answered before advisers can make an informed decision, and the right decision for their situation.

To help guide advisers through the decision making process, Strategi Group has launched the FAP toolkit.

This is a series of helpful guides designed to assist financial advisers as they transition to the new regulatory regime. The first in the series is titled ‘Helping you step up to your FAP obligations’. It provides:

  • A transition timeline along with helpful decision points;
  • A matrix containing the three choices confronting all financial advisers: (1) plan to exit, (2) join a FAP, or (3) own a FAP.
  • A series of action points relating to each of the three choices.

Download a copy below and start the decision making process or contact a FAP expert for assistance: