Three possible paths leading safely to your destination.

Strategi Navigator: guiding your business compliance

At Strategi, we understand everyone has a different destination. That’s why we’ve made Navigator a flexible solution to align with the size of your business, and where you want to go. Choose from our three Navigator compliance services:

Navigator Exit

Navigator Exit is designed for those who want to exit the industry before the close of transitional licensing (June 2022) but who still need to remain compliant with today’s legislation, regulation and codes, and who need external confirmation for a business purchaser that the business is compliant.

Navigator Essentials

Navigator Essentials is for current RFAs or AFAs (we have a slightly different service for each) who intend to join a financial advice provider (FAP) as either a financial adviser or nominated representative. You need to remain fully compliant today, and prove to your future FAP you are currently compliant.

Navigator Enterprise

Navigator Enterprise is designed for those who are currently RFAs or AFAs but who want to have their own FAP and be a sole adviser or employ other advisers in their FAP. You want to be fully compliant with today’s legislation, regulation and codes plus ensure you can become a FAP in the new regime. Navigator Enterprise also applies to the owners of any advisory business that currently employs RFAs or AFAs.

What is included and what will it cost?


Navigator Exit

Navigator Essentials

Navigator Enterprise

Strategi Connect

Regular email news about legislation and regulation, trends, courses, conferences, events and more.

Navigator newsletter

Monthly compliance and best practice commentary and updates, key dates and business tips.

Compliance review

Aligned with the future status of AFAs and RFAs either exiting the industry or transitioning to the new regime. More detail

Compliance helpdesk

Phone or email Strategi with questions on compliance and best practice.

Compliance Certificate

Confirmation a review was completed and any issues addressed.


Monthly subscription

$84 $123 / RFA
$136 / AFA

Annual subscription

$1,008 $1,476 / RFA
$1,632 / AFA

Prices are for a 12-month contract, per adviser, excluding GST. Discounted pricing is available for multiple advisers in one entity.

We may need to talk you through your options but you can register your interest in Navigator now.

Optional add-ons:

Navigator AML/CFT

Did we mention AML/CFT and compulsory audits? There’s also an AML/CFT Navigator to help you meet your obligations.

Those who are reporting entities under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 must complete an AML/CFT audit every two years, or earlier at the request of the FMA. As a leading provider of AML/CFT audits, Strategi is the logical choice to provide your compliance service and your AML/CFT audits. Simply bundle all your obligations together.

The process is simple – just check this option when you subscribe above to be placed on our AML/CFT audit register. We will then keep you fully informed via regular newsletters on what is happening in the AML space and what changes you may need to make. We will schedule your audit and ensure it is completed before the required date. Payment is one basic fee (from $1,200 + GST) after the draft audit report is sent to you. Find out more about Navigator AML/CFT.

Need more guidance? Talk to our compliance experts before you decide

If you are not sure if Navigator is right for you, have a look at our alternative Virtual Compliance Officer solution and read our handy guidance on choosing the right compliance pathway.

If you need more help to decide if a Navigator solution, or Virtual Compliance Officer, is right for you, take the direct route: