Strategi Navigator

Strategi Navigator is a year-round commitment by Strategi to keep you informed, your guidebooks up to date, and provide a seamless integration of your CPD commitments with your practice’s compliance needs. This annual subscription service is designed to keep financial advisers on track with regards to best practice, compliance and education.

Benefits for subscribers

  • Fantastic business development tips provided via regular newsletters.
  • All your key business, compliance and education reference manuals/handbooks are automatically updated as things change.
  • Opportunity to purchase Strategi and Strategi Institute publications at discounted rates.
  • Save potentially hundreds of dollars each year on best practice reviews, and Radar subscriptions.
  • Free up your valuable time to focus on generating money, knowing that Strategi has your back covered with its navigation series of publications, complemented by the Strategi Navigator subscription service.

Your annual subscription includes

Newsletters and key financial data

  • Regular Strategi Navigator newsletters: These PDF newsletters focus solely on key changes to best practice, compliance, adviser education requirements, and business practices as they are introduced by government and the FMA. They will detail electronic updates to Strategi and Strategi Institute publications in the Strategi Navigator series, and guide advisers on what changes they need to make. As an added bonus, the newsletters will also contain valuable business development tips designed to help your business grow.
  • Key financial data: This four page aide memoire provides financial advisers with a handy crib sheet with up to date information on the most common tax rates, benefits and allowances. Receive this every year with an unlimited distribution licence included, plus, if requested, Strategi will customise this with your logo and address details. This alone is a saving for most practices of over $100 per adviser per annum.

Updates to your key templates, manuals and handbooks

We live in a rapidly evolving industry and templates, manuals, handbooks and other publications change almost yearly. Your Strategi Navigator annual subscription solves this issue:

  • Updates to your templates: Those who have separately purchased the Professional Practices Templates publication (or the old Strategi Best Practices Manual) will automatically receive new electronic Word-based templates to reflect changes in legislation, regulation, the Code and FMA Guidance Notes.
  • Updates to your manuals and handbooks: Once you have purchased a Strategi Navigator series publication, then you will automatically receive a whole new electronic edition of your original document as soon as it is updated.

Note: Templates, manuals and handbooks must be purchased separately from your Strategi Navigator subscription, and do not include updates unless you are also a Strategi Navigator subscriber. Individual template purchases do not qualify for updates.

Discounts on compliance reviews, Radar and publications

  • Best practice compliance reviews: These are provided at wholesale rates to all Strategi Navigator subscribers. Save up to $100 per adviser depending on the type of review and the number of advisers in the firm.
  • Radar: Strategi Institute’s online CPD delivery, tracking and recording tool, with over 290 articles and modules to suit the CPD needs of all financial advisers. Strategi Navigator subscribers get a discounted price of $340 for a full 1-year Radar subscription, plus experience the ease of subscribing to an array of newly arriving CPD articles and modules – all at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Your smart planning financial checklist and campaign kit: Receive a 20% discount off the retail price.
  • Regulatory guide for the financial services industry – a key resource for authorisation: All advisers need this. Hard copy is provided initially, followed by electronic updates. Retail $61 incl postage, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $56 incl postage.
  • Professional Practices Handbook: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $120, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $70.
  • Professional Practices Templates: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $430, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $370.
  • Business Operations Manual: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $450, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $370.
  • Professional Writing Stylebook: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $35, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $30.
  • AML/CFT Manual: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $475, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $380.
  • Health and Safety Manual and Kit: Electronic version, single licence. Retail $475, Strategi Navigator subscriber price: $375

All prices exclude GST. Publication prices are per adviser practice in a single location. Copyright applies to all publications and these cannot be shared beyond the single adviser practice/location.

Strategi Navigator 1 year subscription 1st adviser

For the first adviser in a single practice and location.

Strategi Navigator 1 year subscription per extra adviser

Contact us to order this item. For additional advisers in the same practice or location.