QFE Consult

QFE Consult is usually a review of a specific sector within the QFE. The most common assignments relate to Strategi being engaged to:

  • Work with the board of directors to implement appropriate QFE governance and monitoring functions.
  • Assist the QFE to remedy issues identified by the FMA as part of an FMA monitoring visit.
  • Proactively work with QFE management (as a result of the FMA issuing a guidance note on a specific topic) to review current processes and design and implement revised processes to meet the expectations outlined in the FMA guidance note.
  • Review what is perceived to be the higher risk sectors of the QFE operation.
  • Review the in-house compliance team and its processes, and conduct a sample check on staff/advisers to ensure that the in-house team are providing the required level of compliance.

The QFE Consult report is provided directly to the board and managing director. In a number of instances, Strategi will be engaged to provide additional training to the in-house compliance team.

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