Our COVID-19 operating rhythm

  • Our office is manned but with skeleton staffing levels
  • All other staff work remotely
  • We phone and video call more and email less- we want to know how you are feeling
  • The management team meets twice daily to review and adjust so we can deliver what our clients need
  • Managers compile a weekly pulse survey to identify client and industry issues, concerns, needs and solutions. This will inform our Friday planning sessions and identify new actions to support clients for the following week
  • We deliver NZCFS5 training via online or distance courses plus our zoom facilitated live training.
  • We conduct compliance reviews and AML/CFT audits remotely using zoom and our other technology solutions
  • We increase the level of client and industry communications so we can keep you informed with practical tips on how to provide compliant financial advice, meet AML/CFT obligations and complete your level 5 study as painlessly and efficiently as possible.