Handy tips for correct use of KiwiSaver word and logo

Strategi’s compliance reviews reveal many advisory businesses use the word KiwiSaver, or the logo KiwiSaver, either on their website or in their promotional material. Many of those businesses do not realise they require approval for using the intellectual property of Inland Revenue Department (IRD). IRD owns trademark registrations for the word KiwiSaver, and the logo KiwiSaver (collectively the KiwiSaver Trade Marks), and has registered the KiwiSaver Trade Marks in various forms to protect against unauthorised use. This helps to ensure the public are not confused, misled or deceived about KiwiSaver, and the integrity of KiwiSaver is maintained. Any person who uses a KiwiSaver Trade Mark without entering into a KiwiSaver Trade Mark Licence Agreement risks infringing IRD’s rights relating to the KiwiSaver Trade Marks including copyright of the KiwiSaver logo.

The purpose of these tips is to:

  • Explain how to correctly use the KiwiSaver word and KiwiSaver logo; and
  • Provide best practice guidelines, and a checklist (Appendix A) when using the KiwiSaver word and logo.

Please note that this is not a formal guidance note as only IRD is able to issue guidance around how to correctly use the KiwiSaver word and branding. We recommend you read the KiwiSaver Trade Mark Requirements (New Zealand), published by IRD, that is attached in Appendix B.

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