Guidance Note - Handling flu outbreaks epidemics and pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a massive impact on many economies, businesses, societies and individuals. Most New Zealanders will be disrupted to some degree. Several lessons can be learnt from this event regarding how financial advisory businesses could:

• handle future events similar to COVID-19;
• improve their business continuity plan;
• integrate technology into their advice process and operational infrastructure, and
• restructure their businesses.

Consideration should be given to these items sooner rather than later, so they can be included in financial advice provider (FAP) licence applications. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your staff, their families, your clients and the business. You should act calmly, rationally and proportionately. Identify the facts from the hysteria, undertake a risk assessment on your business, and then take the necessary steps.

Staff and clients will be looking for reassurance and leadership - therefore build a plan rather than react on a daily basis.

Download the full guidance note below: