Ethics, compliance and professional practice

Strategi offers a seamless range of independent compliance services, risk identification training and advanced knowledge programmes to help businesses understand their risks better and to develop interlocking strategies to minimise their exposure to compliance risk.

While compliance is a necessary cost of doing business, it can also be a way of finding better ways of doing things, improving the quality of advice you give and the service you provide, and empowering your people to be conscious of the value they can bring to your business.

Strategi’s holistic approach to compliance and risk management can contribute over time to your profitability and a route to excellence.

How to become compliant

Are you and your business operating within the current requirements?
How to become compliant

Stay compliant with Strategi Navigator

3 compliance solutions designed to meet the needs of financial advisers and advisory businesses.
Strategi Navigator: guiding your business compliance

Stay compliant with Strategi Virtual Compliance Officer

Strategi acts as your in-house compliance manager, checking that your advisers and business (as applicable) are on track.
Virtual Compliance Officer: guiding your compliance

Our compliance services

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Our compliance services

Templates, publications and resources

Ethics, compliance and professional practice manuals, templates, guidance notes and other resources.
Ethics, compliance and best practice templates, publications and resources

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about ethics, compliance and professional practice