Supporting the industry through COVID-19

As New Zealand’s largest integrated training and compliance provider to the financial services industry, we have an obligation and a commitment to support our clients plus the wider industry through these trying times.

We have tested and activated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and have moved to what we call our COVID-19 operating rhythm

This enables us to continue working and increase the tempo to support our people and clients. We will constantly monitor our delivery capacity and adjust to meet changing demand levels. 

We will post announcements on this page around how we can support you and the wider industry.

We have developed a resource section specifically relating to operating in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. We will update this as we develop additional content.


  • Delay to start of financial advice regime. Read more here.
  • Change in commencement date of new advice regime: Implications for Level 5 study. Download to read more.

Resource section

  • Guidance note: Handling vulnerable clients fairly. Download here.
  • Practical business solutions for operating in the COVID-19 environment: Download our Guidance Note: Handling flu outbreaks, epidemics and pandemic
  • Covid-19 guidance from the government. Read more here.
  • Guidance: Complying with AML/CFT verification requirements during COVID-19 Alert Levels. Download here.
  • Attackers using COVID-19 themed scams. Read more here.
  • Tips for building your COVID-19 operating rhythm. Download here.
  • Guidance note: The advice process during COVID-19. Download here.
  • Workplace policy COVID-19 phishing emails. Download here.
  • 10 tips to keep cybercriminals out while coronavirus keeps you in. Download here


Team size: Our due diligence kit provides the latest information on our expanding team

AML/CFT audits: The AML/CFT audit team can currently handle 12 audits/wk but we can reallocate resources and increase to 20 audits/wk if necessary. At this point, we are only providing ‘remote’ audits with supporting zoom calls. We have simplified the process for booking an AML/CFT audit.

CPD: We know clients will be hungry for relevant CPD as they work from home. The Radar team is updating and increasing the number of CPD modules on Radar-our online education platform. Tell us what sort of modules you need, and we will look to deliver.

FAP licensing: Our dedicated FAP licensing team is expanding. We have standard templates for FAP operations manuals and licence applications, plus a bespoke solution for larger businesses. Download brochure.

Compliance reviews and compliance consulting: Our experienced team can handle all your financial services compliance needs. Email or ring Selvan Naidoo 021332086

Key contact details

Daniel Relf: CEO
022 244 4888

David Greenslade: Executive director
021 400 600

Selvan Naidoo: Head of risk and compliance
021 332 086

Altaf Shaikh: Strategi Institute- operations
021 913 728

Hristina Velkovska: Course registrations
021 988 962

Nicole Greenslade: Radar enquiries
021 333 316

Alex Rafe: All AML audit bookings
021 332 564