Proven methodology that can increase your business profitability by up to 75%

Proven methods to increase your business profit

An ongoing challenge for the financial advisory sector has been how to increase profitability and productivity. Unlike other industries, advice has to be created from start for each new client – it can’t be commoditised into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. This has real implications on the shape and size of a financial advisory business.

As an income generator who is largely confined to the amount of hours that can be charged out, the financial practitioner has to learn to be smarter and faster at what he or she does.

As a business owner, the practitioner needs to be assured that the systems that are in place create a seamless flow of work, with few interruptions (if any) to address mistakes and client complaints.

Lastly, the business owner needs to be conscious of that ephemeral asset: the brand. How the practioioner presents the business to the world, and the industry, may be the deciding factor when she/he comes to sell the company. A reputable and desirable brand can be sold for a premium many times that of a book of clients.

The essentials then of growing profitability and productivity are speed, accuracy and timing. These are skills most people are not born with – they have to be developed through training, observation and hard work.

Strategi and Strategi Institute were set up to form a holistic service for advisory firms wanting increased profitability and productivity.

The team at Strategi is expert in working with advisers and networks to grow businesses and deliver increased business profit. We have experience in all aspects of business management, growth, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder value and preparing a business for sale. This expertise has been derived from:

  • David Greenslade developing, growing and eventually selling two highly profitable financial planning businesses.
  • Using staff and contractors with practical hands-on experience within financial advisory businesses.
  • Valuing financial advisory businesses and constructing detailed databases and methodology around business sales, what drives business values and what businesses need to do to measure annual profitability and increased capital value.
  • Research and publication of a number of reports relating to deriving more business profit and capital value from a financial advisory business, be it financial planning, insurance or investment advice.
  • Tapping into a huge network of specialists and practicing financial advisers in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada who supply up-to-the-minute statistics and ideas on growing business profit.
  • Developing a proven methodology where we can coach financial advisers to increase their business profitability by over 75%.

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