Financial adviser business valuations

Strategi is a specialist valuer of financial advisory businesses for those looking to buy or sell, transfer the asset to a trust, enable an employee to buy shares in the business, bank funding purposes, or as part of a relationship separation.

Strategi maintains an extensive database of sales and can quickly establish market values and sale trends. Strategi has developed a specialist financial advisory business valuation multiple calculator that can accurately ascertain the EBIT or recurring revenue multiple for individual businesses. This is after a detailed due diligence process has been undertaken.

How much will it cost?

Strategi is not the broker of a deal and does not receive any commission. It is an independent party and is remunerated via a valuation fee.

Every valuation is different and the fee will vary depending upon the complexity and size of the business. Typically, the valuation fee will range from $2,000–$4000 plus GST and any travel expenses.

Contact us if you require a business valuation or to discuss your situation.