Client relationship strategies

The very emotional relationship that comes from giving an adviser your savings to invest is one that is only just beginning to be explored, and invariably it is the psychologists that are offering more useful insights that the management consultants. Finology or ‘the psychology of finance’ is one of the great breakthroughs in client relationship knowledge that has happened since the Great Recession, and Strategi is a leader in this important new branch of business science.

Finology is helping us understand the motivations and barriers our clients face when making financial decisions. How you build trust with your clients, how you persuade them to change their minds (or not change their minds) about investment strategy, and how to build long-term, mutually profitable, relationships is all part of finology’s broad sweep of teachings.

Strategi has been advising financial practitioners how to grow their client relationships for over fifteen years, and are well versed in the adoption of CRMs, marketing and promotional disciplines, sales skills and seminar and sponsorship opportunities. We can help you build a client relationship programme that builds loyalty, increases referrals and overcomes indecision or over-reactions in times of economic stress. Many of these programmes can also be built into your own CPD commitments. 

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