Business sales, mergers or acquisitions

The changing economic environment for small- to medium-sized businesses – with greater pressure on retaining clients, costs of training and authorisation, and harsh penalties for non-compliance – has meant that many business owners have considered not only the selling of their practices, but also had to face the hard question of what they actually have to sell.

Gone are the days when you could wake up in the morning and decide to retire and sell your book to the highest bidder – today’s business owners have to plan an exit strategy and prepare their business (and its accounts), often two or three years ahead.

Strategi is a natural partner for business owners looking to sell down, or sell in entirety. With our personal knowledge of the New Zealand and Australian markets we are able to identify possible buyers and groom your business to suit their shopping list of attributes – whether it is skewing your services to fit with theirs, widening your client base with more of their ideal clients, or simply helping future-proof your income streams to make you the most attractive seller.

We can also assist in identifying successors from your key staff and structure sales so you can hand your business over to people you, and your clients, already know and trust.

Selling your business is a highly individualistic process, and few business owners are skilled enough to complete this process alone. Strategi’s expertise will help make this a painless and rewarding project, and one that fits with your own goals and aspirations on price.

Mergers, acquisitions and joining networks

We are also experienced at helping businesses grow through merger and acquisition. Strategi works with a number of networks and individual advisory practices to undertake due diligence on an advisory practice prior to:

  • The practice joining a network.
  • A purchaser looking to make an offer to purchase that practice.
  • Co-location or merger between practices.

Over the years, Strategi has developed a comprehensive database of advisory practice sales, a detailed valuation calculator and methodology for valuing practices and negotiating win/win business sales.

Contact us for a confidential appraisal and feel for timelines.