Business in a Box: an integrated solution for financial advice businesses

Business in a Box (BIB) is a suite of tools to help build and ensure the efficiency of a financial advice business. It is a flexible solution, scaleable to business size.

All tools work together to provide a fully integrated solution, or alternatively a ‘pick-and-mix’ approach can be taken where businesses simply select the tools they need.

The BIB toolbox

The BIB suite of tools is currently comprised of:

Training - NZ Certificate in Financial Services, Level 5 - Online, classroom and distance learning courses for the entire financial services industry. Meet the regulatory requirements plus ensure advisers and staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and competence for their role. Courses are structured in such a way that students learn not only what they are required to learn for the Certificate, but also about ethics, best practice, compliance processes, and ways to increase business revenue.

Radar - Ensure advisers and staff are up-to-date with their learning and professional development with this online CPD portal. Radar includes CPD compliance options including both pre-populated and business owned content, monitoring and oversight, and providing one place for CPD planning, training and tracking. Can be re-skinned to reflect your brand.

Document templates - Advice templates, including SoAs, for those already in business, plus templates for those just setting up/starting out (for example disclosure statements, ABS templates, professional practices templates, and business operations templates etc.) Strategi can provide a complete set of documentation for an end-to-end advice process together with a full suite of regularly updated templates to run an entire advisory business.

Compliance and best practice – A complete or partial solution, providing guidance and reviews of compliance and best practice for financial advisory businesses. Options include monthly support, provision of a help desk facility, and monitoring, targeted reviews and assurance on compliance matters. There is also an electronic compliance module which enables remote compliance monitoring, assurance and vetting via an integration with the recommended CRM.

Adviser recruitment and onboarding kit - An end-to-end financial adviser recruitment and on-boarding process comprising six key elements to help make sure you hire the right advisers for your business.

Database – A complete enterprise technology solution including CRM, commission payment module, document management, advice processes, business intelligence, sales and marketing tools, web-forms, product provider and pricing data feeds, and personalised client portals. It has links to Strategi Institute's Radar, and can link with other external tools including accounting packages, online meeting tools, and digital marketing and campaign management tools, creating a single source of information about clients and your businesses advice related activity, enabling effective client engagement, management oversight, and compliance assurance.

    Benefits of BIB

    The BIB toolbox provides solutions to help advisers and their business:

    • Increase efficiency and productivity through the use of smart technology solutions.

    • Meet licensing requirements through the use of systems that will help ensure ongoing licence obligations are met.

    • Improve compliance by embedding systems and processes in the business that keep advisers and the business compliant.

    • Move to a collaborative advice process where the adviser works with the client to develop financial solutions, resulting in increased client participation, buy-in and satisfaction.

    • Save money by using 'off-the-shelf' compliant processes and documents which you can customise at a later date.

    Download the BIB marketing brochure for more information.

    Find out more

    Contact us to find out more about the BIB toolbox and how it can help you and your business. We will:

    • Scope and price your requirements;

    • Build you a tailored solution, creating your personalised toolbox;

    • Implement your chosen tools and train your staff, and

    • Provide ongoing support.