Brand marketing and promotion

Strategi has been involved in the launch of many successful rebrands of existing businesses. We have acted as both marketing consultants and coordinators, bringing together the necessary skills of corporate designers, website developers and advertising specialists, and working hand in glove with business owners to create brands that add a premium to the value of their companies.

It has never been more important for businesses to shed their ‘one man band’ personas, build confidence in the range of skills and products that they offer, and create systems that allow their businesses to grow, add clients and put in place client relationship programmes that allow for long-term loyalties to become entrenched.

Marketing requires commitment as well as investment, but with Strategi you know you are working with tried-and-true formulae for success, and have a partner that understands your business and can contribute immediately to your growth.

Contact us to ask about a presentation on what we have done for businesses similar to yours, and how we can tailor-make a marketing and promotional plan for you.