Business in a Box: an integrated solution for financial advice businesses

Business in a Box (BIB) is a suite of tools to help build and ensure the efficiency of a financial advice business. It is a flexible solution, scaleable to business size.

All tools work together to provide a fully integrated solution, or alternatively a ‘pick-and-mix’ approach can be taken where businesses simply select the tools they need.

The BIB toolbox

The BIB suite of tools is currently comprised of:

Financial Driver – Client-interfacing, visually interactive software designed to improve your conversations with clients. It will help transform the way you meet and make decisions with your clients by creating trust, engagement and client-ownership of decisions. In addition, Financial Driver will improve your clients’ outcomes, your advice work flow and your business profitability.

BasePlate – Adviser CRM system with added functionality for AML compliance, financial product management, compliance auditing and vetting.

BasePlate commission payment module – Enables efficient splitting of commissions and payment preparation.

Radar – Online CPD portal with CPD compliance options, providing one place for CPD planning, training and tracking. Can be re-skinned to reflect your brand.

Compliance – A complete or partial solution, including options for monthly support, and provision of help desk facility.

Templates – Advice templates, including SoAs, for those already in business, plus templates for those just setting up/starting out (for example disclosure statements, ABS templates, professional practices templates, and business operations templates etc.)

Suitebox – A client/adviser virtual meeting room and portal that will help you grow your business faster and build stronger client relationships.

Licensing solutions – Assistance for licence applications, from full support to simply provision of templates and advice.

These tools work together to support advisers and their businesses.

    Strategi Business in a Box distribution process
    The Business in a Box distribution process. Download a PDF version

    Benefits of BIB

    The BIB toolbox provides solutions to help advisers and their business:

    • Increase efficiency and productivity through the use of smart technology solutions.

    • Meet licensing requirements through the use of systems that will help ensure ongoing licence obligations are met.

    • Improve compliance by embedding systems and processes in the business that keep advisers and the business compliant.

    • Move to a collaborative advice process where the adviser works with the client to develop financial solutions, resulting in increased client participation, buy-in and satisfaction.

    Find out more

    Contact us to find out more about the BIB toolbox and how it can help you and your business. We will:

    • Scope and price your requirements;

    • Build you a tailored solution, creating your personalised toolbox;

    • Implement your chosen tools and train your staff, and

    • Provide ongoing support.