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Our audits are for anyone with an aml / cft audit obligation such as financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents - in other words, all Phase 1 and Phase 2 entities. 

Whether it is your first audit, or simply your ‘next’ audit, we recommend booking early. The benefits of an early audit include:

  • Potentially saves you money. If your first audit, a smaller number of onboarded clients means a smaller audit sample.
  • Peace of mind. Any non-compliance can be resolved sooner rather than later.
  • Demonstrates to your supervisor that you are pro-active. An audit completed before the two-year point is still valid.
  • Flexibility of timing. Choose the best time for your business/practice workflow- and cashflow-wise.
  • Avoid the rush. We anticipate more demand next year. Booking now gives you an audit cycle that sits outside the busy audit period.

If you would like more information on aml/cft audits, have a look at some of the other information on our website:

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Why choose Strategi Compliance as your auditor.


Pricing starts at $1,600 plus GST and varies depending on:

  • The CDD sample size plus whether it is a reasonable or limited assurance audit;
  • Your client types (natural persons, partnerships, trusts etc);
  • Whether the audit is being conducted onsite or remotely;
  • Whether you have a manual or software-driven customer due diligence (CDD) onboarding process, and
  • Whether you have completed an audit with Strategi before.

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Why Strategi Compliance as your AML partner?

  • Depth of experience. We have been conducting AML audits since the regime commenced.
  • Choice. Choose the audit type (limited or reasonable assurance) and mode (onsite or remote) to suit you.
  • Ongoing support. We provide you with ongoing updates and support to help you remain compliant.

 Contact us to discuss your AML / CFT audit requirements.