Anti Money Laundering / Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

Most financial advisers have some level of AML/CFT obligation and, together, Strategi and Strategi Institute can help ensure those obligations are met.

Our AML/CFT solutions include AML/CFT training for advisers, staff, networks, head groups and QFES, assistance developing a risk assessment and AML/CFT Programme, and undertaking the AML/CFT audit.

What are my obligations?

Most financial advisers have some obligation and must take that seriously.
What are my AML/CFT obligations?

How do I meet my obligations?

Your complete guide to AML/CFT requirements and solutions.
The complete guide to meeting your AML/CFT obligations

Risk assessment

How to assess and document your AML/CFT risk rating.
What is an AML/CFT risk assessment?

Your AML/CFT programme

Develop the policies, procedures and controls to address your risk.
How to develop an AML/CFT programme

AML/CFT audit

Strategi can be your independent risk assessment and programme auditor.
Navigator AML/CFT audit

AML/CFT manual

Get Strategi Institute’s comprehensive guidebook.
AML/CFT manual

AML/CFT training solutions

A range of courses, modules and packages for QFEs, advisers and support staff.
Your AML/CFT training solution

Templates, publications and resources

AML/CFT manuals and guidance notes.
AML/CFT templates, publications and resources

Frequently asked questions

Got a problem with AML/CFT but don’t know what to ask?
Frequently asked questions about AML/CFT