Why do business with Strategi?

Everyone has a choice as to where they do business. We would like to think Strategi would be your logical business partner due to our:

  • Long track record: We are tried and proven, having been in business since 1996. Over that time, we have worked with a huge number of financial institutions and financial advisers who repeatedly get us to undertake additional work for them - demonstrating we are good at what we do, we have experience and deliver value for money. More recently Strategi Group has expanded to assist Phase Two reporting entities (primarily lawyers, accountants and real estate agents) with meeting their AML/CFT obligations.
  • In-depth team: Strategi and Strategi Institute has a 30-person team of employees and contractors enabling them to take on the smallest to the largest task and turn it around accurately and quickly. The team are all highly experienced in their specialities and all keep very current with industry trends and issues.
  • Innovation: David Greenslade spends a considerable amount of time researching overseas trends and networking with experts around the world. This enables Strategi to be nimble and highly innovative in its approach to consultancy assignments.
  • Value for money: Strategi appreciates that every dollar counts for its clients. Strategi has a history of providing good value for money, practical solutions and winning outcomes.
  • Ethics and values: We care about what we do as this is the industry we have always worked in and wish to continue in. Our core values are more than just words. We will prosper or fail based on what and how we do it so every engagement will be embarked on with an absolute focus on professionalism, the highest possible qualitative standards, and doing the right thing for both the client and the industry.
  • Practicality: Strategi is not a large international consultancy. It is completely focused on what it does and who its clients are. Staff work at the ‘coal face’ and are able to quickly develop practical low cost solutions that work. Strategi Group's unique structure enables it to take a holistic approach to assisting clients, as evidenced by the wide range of services offered.
  • Confidentiality: All information concerning our client’s affairs that we acquire during the course of any engagement, is kept confidential (unless we are requested to supply any information as the result of a request from a government agency under its statutory powers).
Strategi Group Vision and Values
Strategi Group's vision and values, plus why clients use our services. Download a full-sized PDF. 

For more information on Strategi Group, please download our Due Diligence Kit.