What people say about Strategi and its services

What people say about our services

"Strategi is an invaluable component of Tailorednz’s advisory business. They provide us with confidence that we are not only meeting our compliance obligations but that in fact, we are continually aspiring to the best standards possible. Strategi’s level of service delivery is outstanding." – Rosemary Hopcroft

“From attending training seminars on ‘how to create a winning SOA’ to finding my way around the FAA 2008, a lot of what I know now compared to what I knew then (then – being my first foray into the regulatory compliance environment), I have much to thank Strategi for. Through their extensive skills, experience and industry ‘know-how’, they have contributed an amazing amount of time and resources into assisting my role as a compliance manager to bring my own knowledge and skills up to par. I can confidently say my relationship with Strategi has provided me with a genuine enthusiasm for compliance, not just from a regulatory perspective, but from a perspective where I can really make a difference to the standards and professionalism of the industry through guidance and support for advisers and staff…” – Clinton Chambers

“The Britannia group of companies have enjoyed a business relationship with Strategi Ltd for many years. We have found them to be professional at all times, delivering both advice and services to our group. Strategi is a leader in the financial services industry, introducing the latest international trends in financial planning to NZ advisers and institutions, while also working closely with local regulators, helping to shape the legal framework of our industry. I would and do regularly recommend Strategi Ltd to those advisers or institutions who are interested in becoming the very best that they can be.” – John Milner

“Saturn Portfolio use the services of the team at Strategi, and we find their professional service and level of expertise very reassuring.” – John McConnell

“We engaged Strategi with the purpose of having a non product aligned 3rd party over view our practice. The intent was to provide guidance on regulatory matters, especially the implementation of the AML/CT legislation. It was important for the us to have a fresh outside look at the way we operated in the Financial Services profession. Strategi were professional in their approach and open to dialogue in regards to their interpretation of compliance and best practice. As a practice, we have implemented aspects of their recommendations and templates where we feel they best fit our practice. Strategi have continued to provide information and guidance on areas on request and in a timely and professional manner.” – Tobias Taylor

What people say about our trainers and courses

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for providing excellent support and service whilst we have been working together on adviser training over the past few months. Andrea and Nicole have been quick to respond to any questions and provide help with co-ordinating our adviser training days at Mortgage Express and the inflow of post course work for assessment. We feel that we are well across the process and know how our advisers are progressing week by week. We appreciate the support from Strategi at this particularly busy time for us as we get ready for upcoming changes in our industry." – Leigh

"Whilst the Strategi programme and course of study was new to me I found that the paper was clearly defined both in its goals and how I should go about achieving the standard of work required. I was talked through how I should go about structuring my study in order to achieve my goal of becoming an AFA, which was very helpful and provided me a "road map" of how to get to where I want to be. I initially enrolled in the Investment Strand, and then moved onto the Advice Strand. Andrea was a great help in working through the enrolment process and despite continual disruptions at my end she was always quick to provide advice or information that I required in order to complete my application. Susan was also great instructing on the Advice Strand, breaking down what initially seemed a daunting prospect into a manageable, simplified approach." – Marcus

Strategi, the course exceeded my expectations in many regards - not only is the staff friendly and helpful, but the course instructor is very knowledgeable and kept the course interesting at all times. The instructor is very enthusiastic about this course and made the course very enjoyable. Willing to share his knowledge, even if I had questions that went beyond the course material. Not only did this experience with Strategi teach me the proper way of being a mortgage broker, it also taught me how to learn independently with its assignments, how to stick with a problem and find ways of solving it, and perhaps most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my skills of being a qualified registered financial adviser. I would highly recommend Strategi. A huge thank you to Strategi team. – Christine

“Again, I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the industry. I'm constantly in awe of your energy and enthusiasm and the structures you have put in place and the calibre of the people you surround yourself with. Strategi and David Greenslade are the premier providers of adviser education and support and adviser business development in this country. No question - I have used some of the others in the whole exercise and it was a frustrating experience when I did.” - Chris

“I found it refreshing that the Strategi Institute tutors all work in the real world of financial advice. The lessons were relevant to the changes that are going on in the industry, they put the changes my business is going through into perspective. This qualification is something I have to do, I don’t have a choice in the matter. The tutors made me feel like I was doing something that was going to help my business grow, not just tick off a box and get a certificate, but skills I can use today and profit from.” – Richard

“Warrick is a fabulous mentor. He gets to the nub of the problem quickly and tells it to you straight. He’s very practical and showed me how to solve the problems simply, without spending hours on peripheral stuff.” – Susan

“Strategi has been training my staff, at all levels and over a wide range of best practice issues, for nearly ten years now. They have a firm grasp on what my business needs, so that when I send staff away to a Strategi course for a couple of days I don’t feel like it is time wasted. They always come back to work refreshed and able to move on and contribute more.” – John

What people say about classroom vs online learning

“I started doing another provider’s distance learning course and found some of the new requirements, like how to write a financial plan, was far different from how I had done it in the past. It was quite difficult to get my head around when I was working by myself. What I like about the Strategi Institute is you can enrol to do classroom learning for just one module. If you’re struggling, there are other ways to learn with Strategi Institute which may suit you better.” – Dianne

“My business is pretty much just me and my PA. I can’t afford to spend time away from work in classrooms, so the online learning programme suits me best. I have done a lot of this course work before, so really I am just revising it and doing the assessment. It’s very important I pass, because without it I don’t have a business. But I can manage the study part without a tutor, and it keeps the cost down, which is the clincher for me.” – Margaret

“I spend a couple of hours each night doing the online learning course. I am hoping to complete it in three or four months.” – Brian

“There’s plenty of flexibility, studying doesn’t get in the way of doing my job, and I can schedule classrooms around my busy periods.” – Gavin