The leading provider of business growth solutions and support services to financial advisers

Leadership and advice

Strategi Limited (Strategi) is an experienced specialist in the provision of compliance and consulting services to financial advisers, QFEs, and networks, and AML/CFT solutions for lawyers, accountants and real estate agents.

Strategi is New Zealand’s leading provider of business growth solutions, compliance and best practice services and consulting services to the financial services industry, plus provides specialist AML/CFT compliance support to lawyers, accountants and real estate agents. It is supported by its sister company Strategi Institute Ltd which is a specialist provider of regulatory qualification training courses, AML/CFT training for compliance officers and staff, plus continuing professional development training solutions (CPD).

Strategi is a company owned by entities associated with David Greenslade. Strategi operates internationally with regards to developing financial adviser networks, undertaking consultancy assignments and speaking at conferences and courses.

Both Strategi and Strategi Institute are non-aligned. Exceptional care is taken to avoid potential conflicts of interest and full disclosure is provided.

Strategi has been providing consultancy services since 1999 – initially for Armstrong Jones which then became ING, then OnePath and now also ANZ Investments. In more recent times, Strategi has expanded and now provides services, training and support to a wider range of QFEs, product providers, networks, individual financial advisers, law firms, accounting practices and real estate agencies.

Strategi is well respected in the New Zealand financial advisory market and is arguably the most experienced and competent organisation in New Zealand that delivers specialised support services to the wider financial services and related industries.

Core values

Our core values are more than just words – they represent ‘what we are’ and we believe we must ‘walk the talk’ and personify these values by our daily actions:

  • Courage: The moral courage to make difficult decisions, having the conviction to stand by our principles in the face of adversity.
  • Commitment: Working together as one team to serve the best interests of our clients and their business, putting others before 'self' when necessary.
  • Comradeship: Looking after one another, understanding that more can be achieved by working as a team than as individuals.
  • Integrity: Honesty, sincerity, reliability and consistency.
  • The pursuit of excellence: Constantly striving to improve and doing the best we possibly can in every facet of our business and in our service to clients. 
  • Positive influence: Showing confidence, leadership, support and respect to all we deal with, providing excellent advice and direction.

Services and systems

Strategi’s services and systems are tried and proven, having been operating since 1999. Strategi has a reputation for being entrepreneurial, innovative and reliable. Over the years, Strategi has developed wide-ranging expertise in the following service categories:

Information for clients

Strategi Limited believes in full disclosure to its clients both before and during an engagement. Our generic information for clients relating to Strategi's client care and service standards, complaints, limitations on liability and the like, should be read in conjunction with its terms of engagement.