Global relationships and resources

Strategi maintains a number of close working relationships with major global players. This helps us keep our practices up-to-date and helps us benchmark our services against international best practice.

We regularly review our relationships to keep them competitive and transparent. Each of these companies helps us offer our clients a wider range of information and resources that we can honestly say are among the best available.

FDR logo

Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)

David Greenslade has been appointed to the five person expert panel for the Government's reserve dispute resolution scheme, Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR).

This expert panel supports the large team of adjudicators and mediators with opinions about financial service provider and adviser practices, services and product relating to disputes in their specific area of expertise.
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Craft Advertising

Craft Advertising is an Auckland based advertising/communications consultancy that has had significant experience in working with financial advisers. Craft Advertising may be made available at the adviser’s cost to assist in developing any marketing, advertising or sales material and to provide general advice to advisers on marketing.

Creative Director Peter Grace has worked with David Greenslade for over 12 years, and helped over a dozen financial advisory companies with brand development and lead generation.
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BasePlate’s fully integrated Adviser Work Bench (AWB) and business process solution is specifically tailored designed specifically for investment, mortgage and personal risk advisers in New Zealand. It is compromised of the basic CRM module with additional components including financial services products, compliance management, commission payment, process documents and templates, investment management and reporting and much more.

The system can be fully integrated with Suitebox, Strategi Radar, product provider data feeds and the Strategi compliance system. BasePlate is ideal for every financial advice business (big or small) that wants to obtain a licence under the FMCA regime. This is a long standing ever improving Kiwi solution designed for Kiwi financial advisers and firms.
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Morningstar, Inc

Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Morningstar’s mission is to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. It offers an extensive line of internet, software, and print-based products for individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional clients.

Morningstar is a trusted source for insightful information across a spectrum of investment disciplines. With operations in 19 countries, it currently provides data on more than 300,000 investment offerings.
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Moonstone is the largest supplier of compliance services to the South African financial services industry, with over 1,500 financial services provider businesses per annum regularly utilising its services. Moonstone also provides patented practice management software to selected partners. Strategi Ltd is the most respected supplier of best practice and compliance services to financial advisers in New Zealand. Both companies are 'best of breed' in their respective markets.

Moonstone and Strategi have signed a memorandum of understanding and are working closely to further refine and develop innovative, effective and cost efficient best practice and compliance services that can be utilised in South Africa, New Zealand and exported to Asia.

The relationship between both companies ensures that their respective clients know they are dealing with world class compliance training and review organisations, and know that the compliance officers are fully informed and trained on not only the legislation relating to their respective jurisdictions, but also comprehend the trends involved in world wide financial services compliance. This means Moonstone and Strategi clients can be ready for marketing opportunities and the next wave of regulatory reform that will shortly be rolled out around the world.
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Strategi periodically teams up with brillient! in order to publish and promote articles and initiatives designed to assist the development of the financial advisory industry. This initiative has led to the annual PortfolioConstruction Forum Symposium and the Finology Conference becoming a favourite with financial advisers, networks and QFEs.

brillient! is a boutique investment publishing house. It specialises in providing innovative, independent solutions to the challenge of effectively communicating complex investment solutions. brillient! does this by collaborating with researchers, authors, thought leaders and investment managers to communicate with different specialist groups within the Australian and New Zealand wealth management communities.
Triple A logo

Triple A

Triple A is a professional association representing the interests of around 250 adviser members across New Zealand. As an Association, its objective is to provide members with real choice for their business as to who they work with devoid of any pressure to sell or promote specific products. Having that choice:

  • Reduces the risk to an adviser’s business by not being tied or limited to one or two product providers and this delivers business flexibility.
  • Allows an adviser to provide a comprehensive, high quality advice service to their clients.

Strategi and Strategi Institute have partnered with Triple A to provide a range of ‘value add’ support services to Triple A’s members. These services include AML/CFT and compliance services, communications, plus the provision of CPD and education services.
FundSource Logo


FundSource is a New Zealand-based managed funds research house supplying independent research and data to financial advisers and fund managers since 1987.

FundSource delivers high quality quantitative and qualitative fund research to advisers and the broader financial services industry. It works with a number of expert providers to source this data: quantitative data is supplied by FE Australia, while qualitative data is supplied by Research IP.

FundSource is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NZX, the operator of the New Zealand stock exchange.
DNA Behavior logo

DNA Behavior

DNA Behavior provides a suite of stand-alone client-centred behavioural management solutions to businesses using DNA Behavior Discovery Systems for improving performance. Each solution involves different dimensions of behavioural discovery:

  • Communication DNA for client experience management to improve relationship performance.
  • Financial DNA for personality management to improve financial planning performance.
  • Business DNA for human capital management to improve business performance.

Advisers and businesses will be able to improve the engagement of their clients and employees through knowing what motivates them and thereby being able to provide customised life-long experiences on a scalable basis.
Dynamique logo


Dynamique is a niche provider of technical financial training content for the wealth management industry. The business operates globally via its London and Wellington offices.

Dynamique brings to the Strategi stable:

  • Investment and global market research
  • Risk management assessment and implementation
  • Customised content for CPD systems

Investment and global market research includes standard and client bespoke reports, market updates and reviews. The range covers the complete investment value chain from hedge funds, asset management, and global investor services, to private banking from both global and local market perspectives.

Risk management assessment and implementation includes review of risk exposures, containment and risk mitigating practices. This covers credit, investment and market, operational and regulatory risks.

Dynamique researches, designs and presents workshops, and corporate communications to ensure the successful embedding of a contemporary risk management culture.

Mike Moore Marketing

Mike Moore Marketing provides independent consultancy services to financial advisory professionals in New Zealand.

They can assist in buying, valuing or selling a financial advisory portfolio or simply provide advice on improving your business.

Strategi is available to work with Mike Moore Marketing’s clients, both buyers and sellers, providing advice on compliance and preparation for licensing.
CFA logo

CFA Society New Zealand

CFA Society New Zealand supports local members of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute. CFA is a global association of investment professionals. Its mission is to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.

Strategi Institute has partnered with CFA Society New Zealand to produce the CFA training for Associate members focussed on ethics in the finance industry. This ethics training is based on the CFA Code of Ethics and the New Zealand Adviser Code of Conduct.